Just sharing.

-TWKteam Sharing and serving “Plantains with green sauce.





-TWK recieving help from local dentist who visits our kids regularly.

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I want to take a minute to Thank You Laura for your monthly gift to TWK of $50.00 , We also thank you Tanya, Bobby , Marcela , Kent , for your $4.00 gift to TWK  . You are the ones that allow us to continue the little help we can offer each day.


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Finding that feeling again.

Another morning has come and the struggle starts over again. Each day a constant reminder comes to mind, That tugging feeling as to say when will you sit and speak with your words. Today after some struggle I had found a bit of strength, and the will to say hello.

Since my last post , its just been difficult to share. I think the lack worries of what must be done in my personal life verses what i will like to do has filled my time and taken me from active to inactive. Thou each day I awake with a smile on my face and a joy in my heart I still yet to feel as if i am where I know I want to be. I recall the days of dreaming of all I will accomplish and all “driven by my passion to help others. That passion within that drove me knowing that somehow The One Up Above was pleased and that the ones I served were also please, because they found another human who cares. Today with constant news from our media and political leaders of wars and rumors of wars, famine and sufferings, I at times think that even my smallest effort is all at times a waste of time. Life is busy and each year its seems that busy is all we are ?

Charity takes a lot of effort and the cost is high, both financially, physically  and mentally. The rewards can be amazing when you are appreciated and that other life who you reach out to smiles from there heart. I end this post with a simple thank you for anyone who hears me.


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Thank you David.

I want to thank my friend and client David Puyanic from Comodore realty Inc  “Key Biscayne Miami for his $100.00 Donation to TWK.

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ThanK you patron of STARBUCKS!


We thank you for your generous hearts and wish you all the best this Holiday Season. Your Donations in the amount of $300.00 is greatly appreciated and will help us bring joy to the young and old at TWK. ”

Merry Christmas”

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Excited for the holidays.

Today is November 7th and already I have set my holiday plans. Thanksgiving and Christmas will be celebrated with as many friends and family at my home.  My parents will fly down from New York and the tickets are already purchased. This year will be pretty special because my Grandmother and Favorite Uncle will be around. Even though the economy continues to drag along with no uncertainty “Celebrations at my home will be at its best ever. This year its a no holds back Christmas not because I have it good , but simply because I am Alive. Looking around me, I have so much to be thankful for in spite of all that goes on around me, I do have my Health, Favorite Food and my Cozy Home. More important then all I have LOVE.

Enjoy your self.

Since I started my journey in building The worlds kitchen It has only open my eyes more to how blessed I am. The worlds kitchen has allowed me first hand on a daily bases of what it truly is to live with out the basic needs or even worst a unhealthy home environment. Most kids that walk through our doors are simply lost and have no guidance. Broken and looking for hope they stumble upon us and the little that we have brings much joy to their broken heart. As I plan my own holiday cheers I also am planing on bringing holiday cheers to as many young people as i can.  In the words of  ~Edward Everett Hale~
I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do.

I do not know about tomorrow but one thing I do know That Today I can bring a smile to your face.  Please, i challenge you to plan your holidays around bringing joy to others….  Love you all Orlando.

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Thank you Mommy.

Thank you Mom for your $50.00 donation to the worlds kitchen , It truly brings great joy to my heart when I receive your mail with a check to help me make the world happier. I especially love the funny way you write TWK on the check, you truly are a good mom and I love you forever.

Your son forever Orlando.

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Thank you STARBUCKS.

Once again I want to take a moment and thank Angie our dear friend from STARBUCKS for helping us collect each month and also thank the generous people who see a need and are moved to share something. We thank you all always for your help and for believing in in our mission to make the world a better place.  Thank you for the $301.00 donation received , please know it will bless many young people who do need it.

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Thank you ‘BLO dry bar.

The worlds kitchen is so blessed to be graced by your presence and gentleness. I want to take a moment to thank these two amazing ladies for their time and donation of there talents to make our ladies look Super on our charity date auction. I was lucky enough to meet them and say hello and if I had hair to Blo ‘then I know were I will be getting fix up.






I loved the style and concept of their presentation and more important the coolness these ladies possess. Thank you Maria De los angelos and Thank you Kailey M I will be telling all my lady friends about you, You Roc.                    Orlando.

Blo Blow Dry Bar
3301 NE 1st Ave, Suite #102
Miami, FL 33137

bar: 786 373 5BLO
cell: 561 704 2485


Blo on Facebook <www.facebook.com/bloheartsyou>
Blo on Twitter <http://www.twitter.com/themanemuchacha

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Thank you One million times.

What more can a man show but his gratitude toward you ?

I say it as load as I can , I shout it from the roof tops and from the mountains and the valleys “Thank you’.

Thank you for all those who gave of there time,  talents and all who participated in anyway form or fashion on behalf of The worlds kitchen we send our warmest thoughts.

Thank you Gregg bloom for your $10.00 donation, Thank you  Megan Giczy for your $10.00 donation, Thank you Carly for your $20.00 Donation ,  Thank you to all who participated in the Date auction , Thank you World of beer ” for hosting our event we had a blast..Thank you Pretzel Crisps” for donating delicious pretzel treats, Thank you Lime mexican grill’ for donating amazing chips and salsa, Thank you Blo’ for making the ladies look amazing, Thank you MSF Photography for sharing your time with us and capturing great moments. Thank you “Prose Promotions LLC for providing the great sounds and great voice behind the mic “Peter Rose you Roc.

Love always Orlando.


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